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There are several major North American barn types and most of these have representative examples that date to before 1800. At least two barn types apparently have origins that date back to the first half of the seventeenth century in North America. The classic or earliest type is often close to 30 feet by 40 feet but variations in dimensions exist. Barns in cultural areas include much or most of New England, eastern edges of New York State, all of Orange County New York, certain diverse areas of New Jersey and English settled areas south of Pennsylvania.

As much as this is our venture, it is also one that relies heavily on the good nature and helpfulness of our loving families. We have been traveling the Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New England countryside, searching for eclectic pieces that promise to add texture, interest, and comfort to your home. We hit the ground running, searching and collecting vintage home furnishings and accessories that are old, new, and cool.We combine 35 years of experience with specific on site inspections to provide accurate, enlightening permanent reports that include: • General Descriptions of Barn Types • Architectural Descriptions and Architectural Style Analysis, Including Construction Date.• Alterations of Barns since Construction Time • Wood Identification In addition, Barn Histories provides: • National and State Register Nominations • Restoration and Rehabilitation Consultation • Photographic Documentation • Historical Narratives • Historic Site Plans • Historic Structure Reports • Architectural Documentation • Building Condition Reports and Construction Analysis • Dendrochronology Research – for Construction Dates Eastern Barn Consultants is a tour de force of historic knowledge, offering one of the most unique services in the country.Almost all of these barns are found in New England states especially in Maine and New Hampshire and scattered elsewhere.Most of these distinctive barns were built after 1830. The true Dutch barn was built as early as the 1630’s as surviving contracts attest to.To prove our point, can you figure out which dog belongs to which girl?Yep, the rugged guy, Tucker, goes with Shelly, and the fluffy one, Leo, is Bonnie's baby. For years, I've worked in design, both interior and outdoor living, and it is truly my passion.Shelly's four children, Michael, Christian, Ali, and Jake (ages 13 to 21) and Bonnie's three girls, Taylor, Brooke, and Paige (ages 13 to 20) are part of the "crew" - they haul furniture, help us "re-purpose" by sanding and painting, share their ideas on how we can grow our business, and shamelessly promote our accomplishments to their vast network of friends via instagram and facebook.Then, there's Bonnie's husband, Scot, who wears a bunch of hats on our behalf - he's the tool-time guy, the "muscle", the tech guru and the business mentor all rolled into one.

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