Catholic dating new testament

The New Testament letters usually begin with a greeting including an identification of the sender or senders and of the recipients.

Next comes a prayer, usually in the form of a thanksgiving.

While none of the books contains a specific date of composition, scholars have managed to assign dates that are fairly accurate.

Some are quite exact, while others are more approximate.

The letters of the Pauline corpus are arranged in roughly descending order of length from Romans to Philemon, with Hebrews added at the end.

Most researchers place the date of Jesus’ death at Passover time around the year 30.

The earliest New Testament books, the letters written by Paul, were composed in the decade of the 50s.

The Palestinian Jews of the first century expected a Messianic king, who would be a descendant of David born in Bethlehem (Mic 5:2) to rescue them from Roman barbarism (cf. Matthew highlights Jesus' Messianic and kingly nature by using the titles "Son of God" eight times and "Son of Man" thirty times to refer to Jesus (Cf. He carefully presents ten different prophecies and their fulfillments with a special phrase, "in order that the word through the prophet might be fulfilled saying..." (-3; ; -8; ; -6; ; -21; ; 21:4-5; 27:9-10).

This slide graphically presents some important first-century dates and events, including the writing of and relationships among the Gospels.

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