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Coke reportedly uses worldwide, mafia-type strong-arms to assure distribution and wreck competitors.

Such as making soda pop competitors' refrigerator units in stores to over-night, disappear.

A Cuban, he started with the firm at their Havana offices in 1954.At least that is what their critics swear by and swear at.Hey, how come Drano and other pipe-uncloggers, do not also advertise with speed boat pictures, sports stars, and such?It was 1961 and it was called the Bay of Pigs operation.The Coca-Cola Company and other old-time imperial firms having an entrenched interest to have Cuba as a puppet colony, participated with CIA.In some places it is the traditional Sicilian and Italian mafia. Elsewhere used reportedly are the numerous Japanese underworld, the Yakuza.In other places, former Soviet Secret Police agents the KGB, like in the U. Feeding on lush revenue of Coke ads, the press whores are not about to run news items or documentaries pointing out the reportedly close link between The Coca-Cola Company, covert operations of the American CIA, and the criminal cartel.They are the largest importer in the western world of coca leaves, used for Coke's base.A by-product, as admitted by the Stepan boss, is cocaine sold by them to the pharmaceutical industry.Some years ago, I interviewed on tape, a top official of the firm that makes the secret Coca-Cola base.That is Stepan Chemical, headquartered in the north suburb of Chicago, Northfield, and with plants elsewhere.

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  1. The Miami Dolphins joined the American Football League (AFL) when an expansion franchise was awarded to lawyer Joseph Robbie and actor Danny Thomas in 1965 for .5 million, although Thomas would eventually sell his stake in the team to Robbie.