Homemade one year dating anniversary gifts for him

Such an easy and thoughtful idea that is sure to make your spouse smile.Like I said before it could be great for long distance relationships, places you’ve traveled together, or an anniversary! On the sentimental side, a framed collage of memorabilia from 1st date, make a scrapbook of your first year together, or turn a photo of you together into art.

In addition to the dating anniversary table, the guys should be sure to check out our What Not to Buy Your Girlfriend guide to improve their chances of eventually making it to the traditional wedding anniversary table someday.

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Use my easy photo calendar template to create a personalized calendar with your own photos. You can use the photo calendar template to make wonderful gifts.

Your photos will look beautiful in this sleek and elegant template. Each year my sister makes a calendar with photos of all the nieces and nephews and gives them as Christmas gifts to family.

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