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With a similar design to the Magnetic Massager, the Wahl Hand-E Vibrator was created to be faster, quieter, and even came with a variety of settings.For the 1960s portion of the clip, Glamour show off the Vibra Slim sex toy, which looks like an elongated cushion made for a woman to straddle, and the Niagara Hand Unit, which was the first sex toy designed for internal use.

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Sleek designs in metal and stone also became popular.

Technology is a wonderful thing that for hundreds of years has affected every aspect of our lives - including our activities in the bedroom.

But while sex toys today can do just about anything - including pleasuring your partner from miles away - things were a little bit different, and a lot less aesthetically pleasing, 100 years ago.

Purple, translucent and with multiple over-the-top features, the Rabbit was a leap forward in technology for the bedroom and famously became a huge seller more than a decade after its introduction thanks to its use in the episode The Turtle and the Hare.

Silicone is the big news in the 1990s thanks to its skin-like feel and flexibility, which is why Glamour go with the Magnum Silicone Dildo by Fun Factory for their representation of the decade's favorite toys.

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