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According to the newspaper, Ueto has already informed her mother and her friends about the engagement, and she has even told her agency that she plans to get married in the spring.

Ueto and HIRO’s relationship was first discovered in October 2010, and the weekly magazine FRIDAY reported a rumor last January that the two were both living in the same building.

I liked her in the Azumi movies, so hopefully this ones good too.

I just skimmed some of the Attention Please drama and it looked like she was doing a good job being funny (and cute as a button) in that one too.she's so pretty =] i loved her in attack no.1 i've just d/ld azumi 1 & 2, but have yet to watch them, anyone want to give me a review on those 2 movies?

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The story has not yet been officially confirmed, but the newspaper says that its information comes from people around Ueto.

According to Ueto, she wants to be married during her twenties.

In a recent interview, she also revealed that "I'm now in a relationship with some one I want to married to." With 16 years age difference, Ueto Aya and HIRO are definitely a big couple to be focused on in 2010.

A certain model who has had experience with HIRO says: “When I had sex with HIRO-san, he’d piston me so quickly like a machine and it won’t even take me 3 minutes until I reach orgasm”.

Ueto will definitely get pregnant with HIRO’s legendary moves anytime soon.

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