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not unlike all those vampires today.”After the clunky romantic drama Here On Earth and road comedy Say It Isn’t So, Klein had two films that were predicted to be Hollywood blockbusters released on back-to-back weekends in 2002: a remake of the cult film Rollerball, and the Vietnam War drama We Were Soldiers, opposite Mel Gibson.

Unfortunately, Rollerball became a legendary bomb, grossing just north of million worldwide against a ballooning budget, and overshadowing Klein’s nuanced supporting turn in the comparatively well-received Soldiers.

Klein’s happy news is especially sweet since he has worked hard to maintain his sobriety after some difficult years struggling with alcoholism.

“It got to the point where I was a fragile shadow of the young man that came into this business,” he told PEOPLE in 2012.

The witty, cleverly acted film received critical raves, and an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay.

For Klein’s follow-up, he was cast as Chris “Oz” Ostreicher—an impossibly polite high-school lacrosse player who makes a pledge with his fellow senior pals to lose their virginity before graduation—in the 1999 film American Pie.

One month later, he and Katie Holmes announced they were calling off their engagement and splitting after five years together. During this time, he says he auditioned for most major roles in studio films that required “a square-jawed actor,” to no avail. This was a turning point for Klein after years of struggle with alcohol addiction, and he checked into the Cirque Lodge rehab facility for a 60-day alcohol addiction program.“Living with addiction is not living, it’s existing and barely hanging on,” he says.

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And the much-anticipated fourth film in the American Pie franchise, American Reunion, is hitting theaters.Directed by Harvey Lowry and produced by Birch, the film follows Lauren (Birch) who, after one too many bad boyfriends, launches a blog promoting “The PIG Theory,” which insists that you can enjoy all that romance has to offer, but only for six months.At this “Point of Infidelity and Guilt,” you must break up before your mate becomes unfaithful. Chris Klein, the star of the seminal late-‘90s/MTV-era comedies Election and American Pie—and engaged to Katie Holmes—was, in James Cameron parlance, on top of the world.He turned to his native Omaha for the setting, and during a tour of Millard West High, the school’s principal introduced him to Klein, a senior and the school’s resident actor.actor, 36, and his girlfriend of four years, travel agent Laina Rose Thyfault, 30, tied the knot Sunday in Montana, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.The couple exchanged vows in front of 115 guests at the Rainbow Ranch in Montana at an outdoor church with vintage pews and a custom doorway on the banks of the Gallatin River.“Laina and Chris wanted to stay true to the nature of Montana and chose native grasses, sage and flowers in a soft color palette to reflect the beauty of Montana,” their wedding planner Jennifer Horsley of Habitat Events tells PEOPLE.Klein, who wore a custom Shoreditch London three-piece suit to his nuptials, began dating Thyfault after meeting her at a mutual friend’s wedding; the two announced their engagement last December.I made some independent movies during that time and did a play, This Is Our Youth, in London. All of that—the drinking problem—everyone knows it’s a progressing issue.But yes, that teen thing and late nineties Hollywood came to an end.” Klein’s personal life also became the subject of tabloid fodder. 5, 2005, he was busted for drunk driving in San Diego. So I was 25-years-old trying to find my voice, since my teenage one was played out.” He adds, “As far as the drinking was concerned, I was a country kid from Omaha, and I liked to tie it on. It takes a minute for that s--t to sink in.”Over the next five years, Klein’s resume is peppered with supporting turns in indies as well as the occasional Hollywood film, none of which took off and allowed him to regain his former glory. I’m not afraid to laugh at myself and that was a laughable audition.”One month later, on June 16, Klein was again busted for driving while drunk in Los Angeles.

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